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H2LO - festival dedicated to water in Šibenik
Autor: Udruga Na Maloj Loži


H2LO - festival dedicated to water in Šibenik

In a time when all the benefits of a comfortable lifestyle are easily available to us, it is important not to forget the history and the times when great efforts were needed to ensure the access to these benefits for the community. Water and electricity are our basic drivers of everyday life. We get water with one turn of the faucet, and electricity with just a light press of the switch.

Šibenik received its first healthy drinking water directly from the source on May 12, 1879, from the Rodićevac fountain on Mala Loža. It was a turning point in the history of the city and therefore it deserves its commemoration. This is exactly the goal of the H2LO festival, which takes place in Šibenik every May. It is organized by the "Na Maloj Loža" Association, in co-organization and partnership with the Tourist Board of the City of Šibenik.

During the festival, numerous workshops for children and adults, clean-up actions, panel discussions, quizzes, guided tours, and other cultural, educational, and entertaining content are organized.

The aim of the event is to mark this important historical moment, but also to involve both the local and the wider community in the project and to continuously raise the level of awareness about responsible behavior towards water and the environment in which we live.

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