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Clean drinking water in focus of global YouTuber MrBeast


Clean drinking water in focus of global YouTuber MrBeast

American YouTuber MrBeast's latest video, in which he says he has built 100 wells across Africa, has caused mixed reactions online since it was posted in early November 2023. In addition to touring and drilling wells in Cameroon, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and Zimbabwe, MrBeast has referred to the inertness and non-functioning of the local governments, donated equipment to local schools, and enabled the collection of funds to support local organizations dealing with issues of access to drinking water. Within a few days, more than 300,000 dollars were collected.

The new wells will provide clean drinking water for up to 500,000 people, mostly children, as the main focus remains on villages and their schools. The video is interesting and produced in high quality, full of cute and emotional moments that show a wide audience in a very short minute what kind of problem exists somewhere in the world by what is still often taken for granted in water-rich areas.

MrBeast, who's real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is currently the most popular creator on YouTube, with more than 240 million subscribers. He became known for his philanthropy, publishing videos in which he, for example, sponsored 1,000 cataract operations for blind people and bought matching prosthetics for 2,000 people who could not afford it. As a result of such actions, this African episode one is certainly a specific combination of good intentions and the power of today's viral social media.

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