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We have the tallest teenagers in Europe
Autor: Miranda Trklja

The Dutch left behind, and it's not over yet!

We have the tallest teenagers in Europe

Obviously above average

One person's height, has always been held in high regard, especially in men. It is undeniable that our region boasts with persons with above-average height? However, have you ever wondered why being tall in Croatia is not uncommon at all? 
This is especially true in some of Croatian regions. To be more exact, the karst area has lately shown some incredible statistics: our teenagers are currently the tallest in the world, and babies born at the Šibenik hospital have in decades been largest in our country, and even second largest in the whole world!

The teenagers' height has been studied and proven by a scientific anthropometric survey conducted in 2016 by Masaryk University Brno (Czechia), Metković Gimnasium (Croatia), Sports Faculty in Nikšić and Highschool of Economics in Bar (Montenegro). The research has been published in a respectable scientific magazine PeerJ in 2019.

"When we count and compare all of the results, the average height of young males is 182,6 cm in all of the eight (coastal) counties, while in the four Dalmatian counties this average is 183,7 cm. This finding has led the scientists to conclude the tallest male teenagers in the world currently live in Dalmatia."

Genetic potential for further growth 

The survey also states that out genetic potential has not yet been completely fulfilled, unlike other high nations. This fact leaves a very certain possibility that the Croatians might become the tallest nation in the world. Therefore, the title of the survey remains significant: 
"The Coast of Giants: an anthropometric survey of high schoolers on the Adriatic coast".

The teenagers in this survey are simply the Šibenik babies that have grown up. The usual scene of 2 metre-high guys playing basketball is something that has always been embedded into our culture that with time we have adopted as a part of our identity and recognition.

The winning formula

With time we can probably expect to hear the news how this region holds a specific but at the same time ideal combination of living factos that benefit this positive trend based on one the most impressive traits of every human being on the planet: his/her height.
The height is reached by growth, and we grow from a full, booming life, that has found its winning formula for manifestating its maximums here, in the Dalmatian karst.

Source: The coast of giants: an anthropometric survey of high schoolers on the Adriatic coast of Croatia;