Small Giants Water
This is not just water
Autor: Aleksandar Gospić


This is not just water

The pioneers of sustainability

Šibenik-Knin County has decided to become a pioneer of sustainability on the field. Since the beginning of year 2024 the County has brought out a plan on how to engage the local community with sustainable tourism practices to promote the protection of natural resources.

Initiative that makes the world a better place 

By introducing an initiative that promotes using reusable bottles, offering drinking water as a priority at the county's restaurants and cafes, as well as access to drinking water at the public fountains, the Šibenik-Knin County's Tourist Board leads the way in changing behavioral habits in terms of preserving natural resources, waste reduction and promotion of values of the region.
Small Giants Water is an initiative for free access, promotion and protection of drinking water of Šibenik-Knin County.

Why is water our goal?

Šibenik-Knin County is rich in water resources which have been the subject of numerous analyses in terms of quality, water power and karst relief features. Today, the fresh water in combination with the sea, makes this region an utterly attractive destination for visitors that cherish preserved nature, authentic ambiance, and local character.
The special motivation to all of the involved shareholders of the refill network lies in the fact that this association makes them "friends of the water family", which also makes the initiative's partners proud in the mutual promotion of healthy habits and positive attitude towards our region.

Small Giants Water – our SUPERBRAND

Šibenik-Knin County has more than clean drinking water that comes from the Dalmatian karst. 
We have water with a story. Many stories, to be accurate.

Did you know...
Šibenik doctors have concluded in their research that our newborn babies were the largest born in Croatia, in the whole of Europe, and even second largest in the whole world, after the newborns of the descendants of Cherokee Indian tribe.

The Scandinavians are among the tallest in the world, and also have high-quality fresh water.
The average height of the Šibenik high school graduate is 184,2 cm. 
As a comparison, the tallest nation in the world are the Dutch with an average height of 180 cm.

One of the stories takes us to the 19th century... The English travel writers toured our region in 19th century and besides being fascinated by the Šibenik Cathedral and river Krka, all have noticed their physiognomy and height of the local population that has been described as large and strong, rugged and stout hosts.

These stories have reached the daylight in the right moment.

Now is the right time. Let our story flow!

Invitation - United in Change

If you happen to visit our County soon, look for recognizable signs "Guardian of the Small Giants Water" - these stand for Refill stations of drinking water. These signs have been posted in visible positions at the entrance to restaurants, cafes, or bars that have united in the refill station network. In these venues, you will be served free drinking water, while at the bar you will be able to refill your reusable water bottles. This network ensures that in our County you will never go thirsty. The network functions as a big water-friendly family. This means uniting partners of the initiative to promote healthy habits and positive attitude towards their home region and own identity, even for the sake of short-term profits.

Our water is safe for drinking and healthy, it cannot be and does not want to be packaged nor distributed. Our water can only be found at its source.
Welcome to Šibenik-Knin County! Make a toast to a better life with Small Giants Water!