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Small Giants Registry


Small Giants Registry

Maybe you are one of the Šibenik babies born with a birth weight of over 4 kg? If this is true, contact us by filling out the form below for the Small Giants Registry.

Currently, no research is being conducted about the size of the babies and the number of macrosomic children born in Šibenik-Knin County.

Among other goals, Small Giants Water wishes to encourage the locals to form a network and raise awareness of the benefits of the region in which we were all lucky enough to grow up.

Join the Giants' quest by signing in the Small Giants Registry of Šibenik-Knin County.

If you are a Small Giant yourself - your birth weight has been over 4 kilograms, sign in the SMALL GIANTS REGISTRY form below. 

Small Giants Registry

The information you enter in the form is used only to create a list of "Small Giants" of our county, and is not shared with third parties.
Persons under 16 are registered by their parents/guardians, using only their contact information, not the child's.