Small Giants Water
Our Giants
Autor: Zoran Vulinović

Our Giants

Giants united in a network of drinking water refill stations 

Along the municipalities of Šibenik-Knin County, you can encounter signs that make the Small Giants Water project visible in the form of a network of united venues that have agreed to become drinking water refill stations.
Find out what this means and how our local giants have shown they have a big heart. They have united in a unique initiative of drinking water promotion and raising awareness about the preservation of the local resources.  

Totally different from the others

Šibenik-Knin County's entrepreneurship projects have made this region stand out from the other coastal counties during the last few years. Infrastructure projects tend to attract most of the public eye but also do creative ideas that actively involve the local community.
Strengthening of the local character while maintaining successful tourism in the destination has manifested that tourism can coexist alongside (our) other fields of life to create a fruitful symbiosis for the benefit of all involved.

Establishing the refill station network

Since 2024 the Šibenik-Knin County has introduced another novelty - more than 20 public fountains and more than 50 restaurants and caffes will form a network of refill stations in Šibenik-Knin County. This means that the guests will be served water from the tap at the table, while those who come by the bar will be able to refill their reusable bottles. All of the united venues will carry a recognizable sign of being a "Guardian of the Small Giants Water".

Bigger idea: Action and pride

By associating with this network, the restaurants and cafes show that they are willing to become a part of the bigger idea than their "basic" hospitality work in which they operate daily. This is the step that backs up an important initiative that can bring around real results only if accepted widely and with the support and involvement of the local community. By demonstrating by example how "things are done at home", our guests will accept the suggested behavior as well, especially if it is associated to real-life action  and the sense of local pride.

Connecting by water

Small Giants Water is a name that has been given to the symbolic meaning of the water as a connection between visitors and the local community. This is a way to make this idea visible in every corner, making the drinking water preservation stand out as an important issue addressed by the community. This initiative also motivates us to put in mutual efforts to introduce behavioral changes that lead to omit unnecessary packaging. 

By fighting single-use convenience we give an example on the national level how a real change can come out of the core of the community that has to show by their own example determination and care. This behavior standard can then "spill over" to the visitors and provide motivation to the other communities to introduce similar changes in their areas.


Get to know the restaurant and cafe owners united in this initiative, refill your bottle during the next visit to Šibenik-Knin County, and remind yourself what stands behind the mystic name of the Small Giants Water.

Refill your bottle and bring our story with you! If you are an owner of a restaurant, cafe, or accommodation, show us that you are a Giant, too: join the refill stations network of the Šibenik-Knin County and let your location become a recognizable place for drinking the water that has made so many giants of this region to grow up.